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So the exam is tomorrow, i am all revised out, and am ready to go, i downloaded the last 6 years of exam papers, i am doing questions/revision for Book 1 -The self, book 4- Knowledge and book 6 - political philosophy. Checking the questions from the previous six years, i can answer all the potential questions- apart from 2016 when then threw a cheeky- what does novak's public address thought experiment show- question.... That's is the only curve ball question i found. Just in case they do wish to drop a curve ball in this year, i have revised Thomas reid's major/general objection to Locke's position of personal identity.

So this is it, i have really despised this module, and tomorrow i will be finished with it and philosophy for good. I am happy about that and i hope i do myself justice in the exam.

GOOD LUCK to everyone tomorrow.... may the revision and remembering gods be with you... and may your work books fill with retained knowledge that is both relevant and answering of the questions asked of you.

As for the 20,000 views by tomorrow target, i am 259 short, and i cannot reasonably imagine many of you will be surfing blog posts tonight, when we still have revision to do.. so i think i will miss by a couple of hundred, not that 19,800 views is anything to sniff at.

So lets do the exam thing tomorrow, stay focused everyone and stay on target... and may your arguments be incisively inductive, unless you are doing Maths, Physics, Chemistry or Law, then let them be deductive... Piori and postpiori and all that......bloody Rene Descartes....


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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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"I have really despised this module, and tomorrow I will be finished with it and philosophy for good. I am happy about that and I hope I do myself justice in the exam."

In the couple of years since I finished A222, I have read nothing in philosophy.  In the preceding 30 or 40 years I would have read something every year.  It has turned me off the subject completely for the time being.  I did read an interesting thing somewhere that universities no longer teach philosophy but teach philosophology: teaching you how to write about philosophy without teaching how to do philosophy.  This long article explains it Philosophy vs. Philosophology.

I had a horrid exam for A222.  I wrote very little really.  I got 52% and was simply glad it was over.

Michael Gumbrell

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I would be happy with 52% as a mark i i got that.

That is s good article Simon, thank you for sharing it.