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22,000 views... how wonderful.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit my blog.

It is much appreciated.

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Not to toot my own horn (OK, I will) but I'm pretty sure at least 1000 of those views are mine in the past few dayssmile) I've really enjoyed reading this blog. In a lot of ways, regarding the frustrations with the OU, it is like reading my own thoughts... Not so much with the Mensa thing. Anyway, I don't know if you're allowed to comment on such things, but how did you find the coursework for DD211? I'm asking because I have been thinking of making a switch from Psychology. I've done my first year's worth of modules but am getting a little tired of thousands and thousands of words that essentially say, 'So, yeah. We don't know.' Is DD211 just more of that -- essay after essay? Any info would be appreciated. And again, I love this blog so please keep posting if you can! Kind regards.
Michael Gumbrell

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Hi Bemonkles,

Thank you for your 1000 views, that is very kind.

I really enjoyed DD211, it is not a new module, but it is newer and much fresher than A222.

The essays are interesting, and very wide ranging, everything from ideology, to political systems, globalisation, definitions of individual freedoms, feminism and political authority There are only 5 essays. You also have to do three tests of the computer ICMA's. 

It is a level 2 module, i enjoyed it greatly, it is very diverse.

I enjoyed it, it is part of the set pathway of my degree, Politics, Philosophy and Economics,it is the first of 2 politics modules i have to do.

You mentioned you are doing a psychology degree... it that a fixed pathway degree, do you have to adhere to the pathway?

Would switching put you on an 'open' degree pathway?

to directly address your point about the psychology modules being a discussion with no right or wrong answers- DD211 is more of the same, it is a social science module, so lots of the idea's dealt with in DD211 are on a spectrum of answers. 

I was encouraged not to take a normative position with the materials, they are a spectrum and placing a moral judgement on a certain position is not the way forward.

For example, i strongly favour Issiah Berlins 'negative' definition of personal freedom, but in the essay i had to compare it to the 'positive' definition of personal freedom by assessing the strength and weakness of each definition, without taking a side.

The are social science modules, so there never really is any right or wrong answer.

But they are not as bad as the endless debating of philosophy i had to undertake in A222.

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Thanks for the quick reply. In answer to your question, yes, I am on a fixed pathway and switching would indeed put me on an 'open' degree (something I don't really like the thought of). I guess I shouldn't be surprised that DD211 has similar kinds of work to the psychology modules, although it is a little disappointing. But I won't get started on assessment methods -- I could whinge for weeks! At the minute, I am due to start DD210, which sounds interesting on the surface... Anyway, I take your point about social science courses. It's inevitably going to be competing theories. Over and over. Maybe should've chosen something a little more concrete! Thanks for taking the time to reply, though. It is much appreciated. Oh, and I've heard many horror stories about A222. You're not alone theresmile)