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Novichok again?

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Thursday, 27 Sept 2018, 22:40

Just reading about the death of Dawn Sturgess and the exposure to Novichok.  Thinking about it logically, and after doing a little research, I think someone in Porton Down or the DCBRNC has been involved in a little Breaking Bad! 

Now, I know Porton Down is close to Salisbury and is the site of the UK Ministry of Defence’s, Defence Science & Technology Laboratory and known for their secretive work on chemical and biological weapons.  But what I didn't know but found out is that the Defence, Chemical, Biological, Radiological & Nuclear Centre (or DCBRNC for short) is even closer at Winterbourne Gunner in Wiltshire. It is a tri-service site, with the RAF being the lead service and is responsible for all training issues relating to chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear defence and warfare for the UK’s armed forces.

As, Baby Herman says, 'it stinks like yesterdays diapers!

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Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Also, we know of Novichik production in the USSR because the Americans are dismantling the production site in Uzbekistan.  Right now, the best source for Novichik products is the USA.

Would a Trump-led USA destabilise relations between Russia and Europe?  The USA that has rewarded a torture-centre manager by making her head of the CIA.

So, maybe the Yanks did it.

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Sorry folks,

Fun's over.  I really don't think this is any time for idle speculation and conspiracy theories.  I'll stick to the simplest answer which fits the facts, at the moment that's a Russian despot sending a message as he did a few years ago to Litvenyenko (must have spelled that wrong).  The latest victims are collateral damage, merely unlucky.

The messages are traceable so his opponents are clear about where they came from.  The attacks take place here because it's safe, the UK no longer matters or has influence.  I suspect an American proto-despot is going to drive that last message home to Mrs May this week.

FYI, the British forces despise chemical and biological weapons.

Me in a rare cheerful mood

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Absolutely.  Adhere to the party line.  Don't think for yourself.  it's the only way.  Crimethink doubleplusungood.


Actually, I was trying to point out the unlikelihood of it being the work of British establishment organisations - that there are allies in a better position to be responsible - as a way of highlighting the most likely cause is Putin putting out a message just before the election that opposing him is a life-threatening decision.  It is hard to come up with a logical scenario for faking it to embarrass Putin when (a) he cannot be embarrassed, does not care and is not under threat in Russia, (b) the Russians were already being accused of interfering with the Brexit vote and (c) it was a damn stupid and ridiculously high-risk way of doing what could have been done with a faked note and a bullet, knife or rope.  Occam's Razor is easily applied to eliminate it being a British operation.

But it was either us or the USA who assassinated Dr David Kelly for the benefit of the arms industry to guarantee that illegal war against Iraq went ahead.

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Personally I think the most likely recipients of this message from Putin are in America but an attack there would be investigated by Mr Mueller.

There are witnesses there who might be thinking that cooperation with the investigation into Russian interference with the Presidential election might be better than jail. The message is that there are much worse things than jail for the families concerned. Mueller is ex FBI, he can't formally investigate here.