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Blimey 27,000 thousand views.

Thank you everyone.

The counter fairly races along now...

I might hit 30,000 by the time i start my next module in September.

In other news it is Friday tomorrow... and then i am off from work for a week. It is a big week for son #1.

Wednesday is his 19th birthday, Thursday is his A'level results and Friday is upgrading his offer to unconditional with Portsmouth Uni, or if he misses an A'level grade..  then a day spent in UCAS clearing.   

Plus Sunday would have been my dads 74th birthday, which will mark 18 months of the anniversary of his death.

So it might well be an emotional week, next week.

If it is not too hot i am doing more work on my deck on the monday.. so with any luck i might get to sit down for a couple of hours on the Tuesday... with any luck..


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