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So if it is a time for new beginnings...

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Well since it is all change in September, new modules, son starting university etc...etc.

I have decided to stop the smoking... 51 years old, been smoking again for 10 years after having stopped for 11. Started when i was 14.

So 14-29.....smoker

       29-40... non smoker

       41-51.... smoker.

I bought one of those vape machines at christmas, and it has sat on my shelf for 9 months gathering dust... whilst i tried to gather will power.

Today the vape machine is out of the box, getting charged, oil soaking the wick and will be ready to go at 5pm.

Here goes again at knocking the fags on the head... before they knock me on the head...

At £ 8.50 a packet of fags... i smoke cheap fags, if you smoke a big brand name they are £ 10.00, so saving the money would be handy too...

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Well done you

I stopped the fags 30 years ago when they were only £1.50 a pack.  Sorry to say I first had a puff aged about 11  sad

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Well done to you Judith.

30 years is a real achievement. I guess you can be considered a non smoker now.

When i stared i used to get the fags at the corner shop... 3 fags, 3 matches and a piece of match strike in a plain brown paper bag for 15p.

Can you imagine the outcry now if newsagents did that! 

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Just had my first puffs on the vape machine.

Not bad at all, didn,t cause a massive coughing fit and got a okay drag out of it... might be alright after all 

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You'll probably be fine with the vape, but just a word of warning: when I started vaping I had quite bad chest pains from it. In the end I quit cold turkey in 2016. I'd been trying to quit on and off through NRT for a over a decade. For me cold turkey has been the most effective way of giving up. The first two weeks are a nightmare, no mistake - but it quickly gets better.

Whatever way you choose, good luck! smile

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Hi Matt.

What is NRT?

my friend Vinnie tried the stop smoking pills, he had to phone his GP every other day because the pills can cause suicidal thoughts!!!

Least Famous 'Influencer' Ever

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NRT = Nicotine replacement therapy. Gum, patches, lozenges, vape, etc. I've tried them all but in the end I was just putting off the inevitable day when I'd have to go nicotine free. Works for some people, so give it a go, for sure. I just discovered that after a decade it wasn't getting to the source of my problem: my reliance on nicotine. smile

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Ah right Matt.

I have never tried gum or patches... just started with the vape. Last time i quit i had one of those plastic pipes with nicotine gel in it. I just chewed the pipe into shreds in the end and just threw the chewed remains out and quit.

This time i am going to give the vape a go until i get bored of charging/ filling it....

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Well that is the first 5 hours of vaping- not smoking done.. now i am off to bed. Next test will be when i wake up.. first fag of the day is a strong craving...