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A great tit in my window

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Saturday, 25 Dec 2021, 14:42

Was just having a wee break from studying and looked out the open window and a great tit came and perched on it and I got the impression it was trying to tell me something. I immediately thought maybe the bird feeders are empty and went outside and they were all empty. So I filled them up and there was the great tit again along with many other hungry small birds. 

I must have forgotten to put anything out for them this morning. Shows the intelligence of birds though. That great tit knew I would be in my room studying and it came to my window just as I was looking out of it and somehow it made me think of checking the bird feeders, which I did and there it was again waiting for me by the feeder, somehow knowing I would do this. Clever bird.

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