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tma 2 came back

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So I got the TMA 2 score back- 65%.

So I am averaging 60% so far for DD209.

I won't complain, it is a pass mark so far, considering how hard it is and how challenging fitting it all in is with working full time, I think I am at the limit of my abilities averaging 60%.

So no complaints from me, all is good.

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Well done, Michael! Looks like no mean achievement to me!

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Thanks Peter, 

I am struggling through, averaging 60% for last years and this years modules. I scored so much better for level 2 politics (80%), but philosophy and economics have been hard, so 60% for those.

Just got to get through the second half of this economics module, then it's up to level 3, politics and i have to decide between level 3 philosophy or level 3 economics.... quite a tricky choice.

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What course are you on Peter?

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I'm now a veteran - no longer a student of the OU. I did three degrees with the OU - two in English Literature and one in Religious Studies.

You need to remember that the results for level 3 courses are double weighted when it comes to calculating your final class of honours - the OU is giving you some wriggle room at level 2 so you won't be paying too high a price for your struggle. I commend you for going outside your comfort zone - that's REAL education!