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Hi every one,

no blog posts from me for one month, January is social media break time in our house.

All five of us took a 30 day break from the social media throughout January. January is often the hardest month of peoples mental health, so getting through that is supported by staying away from the social media mire as well.

So I am back now, I am continuing to leave Facebook alone, I have a ration of 1 hour a month going forward, as time to spend on the facebook. I think I will do my one hour in a single hit, I might even let myself post a picture on my time line.

Study is drudging along, it is now Tma 3 time, so the inflation targeting model, the Phillips curve, the virtual Phillips curve and Bank of England MPC decisions. The biggest consideration is really how inflation and the monetary measures to control it will create a negative output gap. A negative output gap is a trite phrase... given a formula (Ye-Y1). Left of the Virtual Phillips Curve (VPC) reduces inflation.  Such a simple little phrase, Negative Output Gap... what it really means to most people is unemployment, struggling to pay bills, debt, harm to mental health and heartache. But that is not as catchy as negative Output Gap, so economists stick to N.O.G. 

So the Virtual Phillips Curve, is a thing to aspire to. Hit it and you should have full employment, 2% inflation and savings and investments in parity. Fall short of it and you have a falling rate of inflation, unemployment and a shrinking economy. Go over it and you will trigger an inflationary cycle, which unchecked will lead to hyper inflation. Which will lead to economic collapse unemployment, heart ache and suffering.

So unemployment occurs either side of the VPC, got to get the MPC decisions right, to hit the VPC.

Which brings me to wonder, in any financial cycle, how many economist's are unemployed?

anyway, whilst I was away the counter hit 67,000 views, which is amazing. thank you to everyone who takes the time to visit me blog.

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