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V & A removed its Elmgreen & Dragset video for a time- back to YouTube

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Edited by Steve Bamlett, Tuesday, 5 Feb 2019, 10:36

Since mounting this blog, the video has been restored. What happened there then!

In a blog I mentioned Elmgreen & Dragset's Tomorrow exhibition. The video link there has been taken down by the V & A but they've left the transcript. Here's a sad thought. It shows too though the power of using positive thought and the internet against corporate decisions or accidents (which ever it was).

The pity about removing the video is that it gave a long visual introduction to the installation itself including the images I mention in the blog. The boy in a live-size hearth, viewed over the small scale of an ash-tray bearing a reproduction of the little boy in the fireplace and a large & costly stubbed cigar lying on the  ashtray. It really is no substitute the transcript because in the 10 minutes it ran (thought too long a time to hold our attention on the course I'm studying) it included a great shot of the Holocaust Memorial and its proximity to the Murdered Jews Holocaust Memorial. 

This is a sad loss then.

Fortunately, the artist took the character from Tomorrow, and whom they called Norman Swan, and gave a sequel interiors exhibition in 2015 where the cues to the story of Norman's life as a mixed-up gay man (in/out/domestic/public/inside/outside) are clearer and seen in this 6.5 min video on YouTube.  The motif of the little boy there too, with the ashtray, but this time sat on top of a wardrobe.

It does virtually the same as the 'lost' video. Well, rather more, I think!

ELMGREEN & DRAGSET "Past Tomorrow" Galerie Perrotin, New York - 16 April - 23 May 2015

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ATt1mxDcv9s (opens in new window)

All the best


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