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Not many posts from me this week.

I have been busy writing my tma 03.

Tma 03 requires a post on the tutor group forum about an MPC decision, and requires my reply to another post plus a self reflection to score marks.

I put my post up 2 weeks ago, and responded to another post, to give everyone time to respond and get their own self reflections set up.

So far only 3 of us have bothered to do this, leaving another 12 students who think it is okay to leave it till the day the tma is due in, to post a comment, reply to a comment and write a shelf reflection about the comments on the forum.

That is bad form.

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To reaffirm what you've said, in my tutor group, it was exactly the same. When I came to comment upon another's work, I had to wait almost 4 days before someone else posted - and by the time my TMA was submitted (18 hours before deadline) there was still only the 2 of us who had posted. 
In the end, I very, very nearly commented on my own comment - and on reflection I wonder if I'd have been given the mark for it - considering that's the only criteria for the mark. 

Maybe next time.

Good luck with your works; I've been a lurker on your blog for a few years now.