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Edited by Aideen Devine, Friday, 20 Oct 2023, 09:58

In case anyone missed it, the 'yoof' had a day off school on Friday. They went on strike for the day, to demand us grown-ups do something on climate change. While I admire their enthusiasm, I think they might have been better off staying in school and studying some real science as opposed to 'environmental' science. They might have learned a thing or two about C02 and realised that, like King Canute trying to stop the sea, they have about the same chance of stopping 'climate change'. 

The other thing about all this 'save the planet' stuff is the arrogance. How self-righteous and arrogant do you have to be to think you can 'save the planet'. What is it about us here in the West, that make us think we know it all about everything and are so sure of ourselves, we don't even have to bother to check the facts. That's not to say there aren't issues that need addressing especially around plastic pollution but when I look around me, I see a much better world than the one I lived in 40 years ago.  

There are many more trees now and not just around my town but across the entire country. The rivers and waterways are all much cleaner and most of our rubbish is now recycled too. There are still many more green spaces than urban and people aren't getting shot or blown up every day either which is a really big improvement!  

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And now to help reduce plastic pollution there is talk about a deposit scheme on plastic bottles where we would have to return the bottle to a shop to get our money back. I wonder how many meetings and conventions it took to come up with that excellent idea? Or did someone suddenly remember we all did that back in the 1960s and 70s with glass bottles !!. Won't be long now before some bright spark reinvents the wicker shopping basket. And what's the chances of the daily milk bottle making a comeback in the next few years? Remember rinsing the bottles and leaving them out every morning for the milkman. 50 years ago we already had the solutions - we just didn't know what the problems were going to be !!

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The frustrating thing is, there are solutions to most, if not all, the problems we have, there's just no real will to do anything about them.