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I've had workmen in all morning, putting in new windows so I had to seek refuge in the library.  When I was down there, I read a newspaper or at least part of one.  That's the first paper I've read in years, there was an interview with the wonderful Ralph Fiennes and also, a piece on the Bolshoi Ballet who are coming to London's Royal Opera House, later this year.  I must check it out.  

Apparently, Ralph lives alone and drew the distinction between being alone and being lonely.  This is something I have to explain quite often too.  I live alone too and I love it.  I'm quite happy in my own company, probably too much so, but everyone should try it.  They say you're not fit for a relationship until you've lived alone which is probably good advice.  

The windows are all in now and the mess isn't too bad.  The floors all need washed and there is a film of dust over everything so I may get on with it and start cleaning up!

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