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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Thursday, 30 Sept 2021, 22:59

It is the breeze that moves the leaves in the trees across from my window.
The sound of someone using a chainsaw
My sadness
My aching body
And a flapping wing

A myriad vibrations sail across the element of air to my eardrum.

This is the moment where the wave energy of the Big Bang is currently at.
On its long journey back to the void from where it came
This is where all the magic and mystery and true knowing is.
Even just writing about this the wave has passed, it does not pause for anyone.

Even the mightiest of stars and black holes will one day disappear
Nothing lasts, not this civilisation nor any that will follow.
Our lives are brief flickers

If we are too caught up in beliefs and delusions about what reality is or should be
If we keep chasing things we think will make us happy.

We miss the voice of God

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