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When is the best time to study?

I start work at 7am each morning.

That means i get up at 5am.

I am washed, dressed, fed and lunch packed by 6am.

I then have 45 minutes to study before leaving for work at 6.45am.

The house is quiet, everyone else gets up at 6.45am, they don't start till 9am.

So sitting here quietly with a cat, purring away, i often get loads of revision done in those quiet 45 minutes from 6am to 6.45am.

Does anyone else enjoy an early bird morning study session?

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Judith McLean

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Hi Michael

I also study best first thing in the morning.  At the moment trying to complete EMA and been up since 6am,  dog walked and been to the polling station.  However scaffolding is being took down over the road as I type, probably take them all day so I am presuming with the noise I will not make a lot of progress.