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The Neo-Liberals Set Sail

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Sunday, 27 Oct 2019, 15:23

Greta Thunberg has really upped the ante in the 'paragon of virtue' stakes as she sails across the Atlantic to attend the United Nations climate summit in New York in September in her little boat, hand carved from a tree that she planted in her own garden as a child, somehow knowing that, one day, it might be needed to teach humanity a thing or two, such was her incredible knowledge and foresight...

What do you mean it's a racing yacht???  You mean one of those big boats made from fibreglass, and all sorts of plasticy type of materials not to mention the aluminium and steel??  

Did you know that the building of boats is tightly regulated these days, you just can't decide to make a raft for yourself and go sailing off into the sunset, well, maybe you can still build a raft but you certainly can't build a, just under 4 million pound racing yacht, in the back yard. Oh, no!

Boat builders have to be trained because of all the toxic chemicals involved in the process and  'must wear respirators throughout the construction of fibreglass hulls because of the fumes generated by the catalyzing process. Air emitted from the building must also be controlled in accordance with the regulations of the EPA. Workers wear Tyvex suits to guard against splashing hazards, and chemicals are carefully stored and disposed according to regulatory requirements.'  

Read more: http://www.madehow.com/Volume-6/Sailboat.html#ixzz5wkyqxMaW

Doesn't sound very environmentally friendly to me! 

I was also wondering how she got to Britain to catch the boat, did she walk, has she been on the road since her fine speech to the EU? 

The boat will be powered by solar panels and hydro- generators, which I'm assuming were made in a factory somewhere, powered by oil and or gas, and made out of metals mined from the earth and plastics derived from oil.  And it has a computer on board, most probably made by children somewhere in the far east on a 14 hour factory shift and full of metals, toxic materials and plastics. Hmmm...

Ah, Greda, not quite cutting it in the paragon of virtue stakes after all!  Now if only you were a transgender, mixed race, vegan, refugee who had been brought up in a forest by wolves and dressed only in leaves that had fallen on the forest floor, then you would really tick all the boxes for the virtue-signalling, neo-liberal fascists.  

By the way, does anyone know how she's getting back?

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