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A Fresher's Fair Run by staff doesn't work. Next to NIL interest. Not helped by someone kindly producing a poster for me saying 'Learning Resources' - the best way to put people off, rather than attract their attention.

Having created posters and flyers in various sizes with shortened URLs and QR Codes and then set up at the two community PCs in the common space I promptly had both computers taken over by a couple of guys wanting to play games. As I warned, with the main corridor used for multiple stalls, and the refrectary behind a partion wall - that is where all the students remain with all but the Dominoe's Pizza stall (giving away pizza and recruiting staff) and the Chelmydia desk wth any activity. I have seen my flyers screwed up and chucked on the floor.

I will check viewing figures. I am not hopeful. I overheard some students when asking each other what they were going to do during Freshers' Fair saying they would go home.

This is an FE college, more of a school than a campus based university.


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