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5 day's to the rest of my part time degree! Scary to say out loud. 

I attend my first day school at my chosen university on 5th October, I've spoken to my tutor whom I am familiar with and I've communicated with the tutor that is taking the lecture. 

I joined a WhatsApp group, first of all I thought it was a good idea, until I soon realised every joined member where "jumping the gun" by being overly keen completing the first assignment or discussing it; which if I'm being honest, it confused me completely. That group was short lived!

Something I seemed to of established early on is, don't worry where everyone else is during the study program, focus on yourself, if you start worrying about where other people are, you are doomed to fail. 

Ive been finding the student hub live useful, lots of useful tips and exciting other online activities you can join and be apart off.

As part of my prioritising study ethic I managed to get hold of my Totum card, very useful and highly recommend getting this sorted if you haven't already, this can and will make studying life easier. 



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Ignorance is definitely bliss! People end up at different levels due to their own commitments so it can get disheartening knowing where people are. Those that are ahead now probably won't be in a few assignments time. It's more important to get to grips with the assignment book and materials at first so you don't end up making basic mistakes!

Don't forget you can sign up to unidays too which is free and offer some equally good discounts! 



Charlotte, it's so relieving to hear that I'm not the only one waiting for the course to begin! I've read so much on forums, social media, live chat etc. about other students nearing completion of, or finishing their first assignment, while I'm still familiarising myself with this new way of learning and awaiting Saturday for the start of the module!!!

Fingers crossed we get through it! I'll be rooting for you smile