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Excited about ThingLink upgrades

Visible to anyone in the world

I have used ThingLink extensively over the last 18 months so am delighted with the upgrades even if several of them require me to learn some new techniques:

Not only is it becoming, far, far easier to use but upgrades include:

·         Content can be downloaded to use offline.

·         Audio can be added ‘in real time’ to the screen you are looking at.

·         All text added using the ThingLink editor automatically includes Immersive Audio greatly improving accessibility.

With education in mind and giving students access to the platform for project work:

·         Content can be shared, so a project can be developed collaboratively.

·         Content can be developed as an assignment with grades given for responses. So a Health & Safety tour now becomes an interactive quiz with grades given out at the end.

And much more besides! 

A choice of 65 instant language versions, tags in 360 video …

Tours themselves are already far easier to create as images are linked by selecting thumbnails of the image you want to ‘teleport’ to, rather than having to use a 27 digit URL.


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