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How to develop an elearning culture - from Google

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Many schools are seeking out ways to support teachers with this shift in mindset. Popular support models include:

  • Coaching model, where teachers work one on one with colleagues for lesson planning, technology skill building, and demo lessons. Large group workshops are held for entire school or district faculties.
  • Trainer of trainers model, where selected teachers receive specialized training with the expectation they will train their fellow colleagues.
  • Early adopters model, where early adopters of technology share best practices at any opportunity.

We have gone exclusively down the Trainer of trainers model - and not being hugely successful. As a Learning Technologist I am see as the early adopter. The regime and the way people are employed on a 'sessional basis' makes it difficult to bring teachers/tutors/profs in for training for the time it takes to get them up to speed and confident, let alone providing time to develop suitable materials. 

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