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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Sunday, 12 Sept 2021, 14:08

I am depressed at the moment. It is a struggle each day just to get out of bed and do anything. My energy levels are low. Studying is difficult, my cognitive abilities are getting worse and I am finding reading difficult, constantly have to read and re-read the same paragraph for the information it contains to eventually sink in, and even then I am not sure it has. Starting to doubt if I have what it takes to finish this degree. I'll keep going though...

It could be this dark time of year, I find November a difficult month. I feel like a hedgehog that wants to go hibernate somewhere, maybe humans should hibernate, that would save energy and resources and maybe help the planet not die from over-exploitation.

We got some cool starling murmurations here, look really amazing, and when they pass overhead you can hear their collective wing-beats.

There are some that think everything is conscious, even molecules and atoms, that it is a natural consequence of an interconnected Interdependent form. Meaning every level of reality could be conscious from atoms, to molecules, to cells, to neurons, to a human. And consciousness could even go beyond that, to perhaps a family, a neighbourhood, town, city, nation, the Internet, an eco-system, biome, planet, solar system, galaxy, the whole universe might be conscious.

A lot of things in reality are like fractals.

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SXR103 chemistry is fun (2008) :-)

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Hi Richie,

The lack of daylight in winter definitely affects some people adversely (Seasonal Affective Disorder). I'm one of them. So was my father.  

I recommend getting a made for the purpose SAD lamp. Also ask if your GP practice knows of any way you can get one on loan. My practice doesn't do that, but apparently some do.

At the moment, I'm hibernating in the mornings, but not with the associated depression. If I do feel the blues starting to take hold, I'll give myself a blast with my SAD lamp in the morning to trigger the melatonin hormone cycle.



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Thanks for the info on SAD, I'll look into it (: