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Edited by Aideen Devine, Tuesday, 17 Mar 2020, 11:44

Rather ironic that with all our knowledge and technology, one little virus crashes the markets, closes shops and restaurants, grounds flights and causes a run on toilet roll, beans and pot noodle in the local supermarkets. Apparently, they've all been cleaned out.  I don't really know why the run on beans, pot noodle and toilet roll but then again, it probably makes sense when you think about it!

Probably not a good time to be watching any of the new Planet of the Apes films, if you're of a nervous disposition, or reading The Life and Death of Dr David Kelly either, but it's too interesting to put aside with all the information it contains on bio-warfare and the secret world of chemical weaponry. But I'm not given to panic so I'll keep on  reading.

I've heard some of the internet rumours about the virus; one theory is that it was created to get rid of older people in order to reduce the burden on healthcare.  And although I wouldn't be surprised if that were true, I am a perennial sceptic so I'll keep an open mind until I see more evidence than an internet rumour. 

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