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Edited by Aideen Devine, Monday, 23 Mar 2020, 19:00

Just to update with a few numbers to help counter-balance the fear-mongering and calm people down. If you average out the figures for deaths from flu over the 4 years from 2014 - 2018 in the UK alone you get a figure of 21155. If you break that down further into days, of say, 120 covering 4 months of winter, you get an average daily death toll of 176 people. Now, if that figure was being announced every day in the media, it would sound horrific.

Globally, the estimates of death from flu are anything from 290,000 - 650,000 yearly. So, just taking the lower figure of 290,000 and breaking it down again to an average of 120 days, that amounts to a daily death toll of 2416 which again would terrify everyone if it was announced daily on the news.

Deaths from coronavirus worldwide are reported as approximately 8000. No children have died from the virus anywhere and the recovery rate from those who get it comes in at around 97%. So, just be sensible, if you feel ill stay at home and don't go visiting anyone with health problems and wash your hands after being out and about.

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