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Edited by Aideen Devine, Wednesday, 1 Apr 2020, 22:56

I posted this on my Facebook page yesterday and here last night.  I went out to my kitchen last night at 8.30 to make a cup of tea as someone who lived in a free, democratic society (well, I knew I didn't really but it had its pluses) and by the time I came back in, I was caged in a totalitarian state.

In light of the new world order takeover, I'm posting it again and I urge you to take an hour today and watch this, after all you don't have anywhere to go. It is an hour and 9 minutes long and I don't know how long it is going to be available as we don't know if the internet is going to be shut down next or if they will do the same with the phone networks, under the guise of emergency's only, just to make sure 'we are all safe'. Cos, we're all 3 year old's with no understanding or minds of our own, and we need the government to keep us 'safe'.  


Now, just ask yourself when did the government ever give a flying fiddlers f*ck if you were safe, or about the NHS or the welfare of 'old and vulnerable people in society', the ones they've been grinding down under their heal for years and into an early grave with Universal Credit.

And it's interesting to see all the sheep on youtube bowing to the fascists with their fake concern for 'old and vulnerable people'.  These are the same people who for the last three years have been whining about how 'old people destroyed their lives' when they voted for Brexit and who they wished to die (and that was one of the milder comments) or the same sick and vulnerable people on benefits who were witch-hunted under David Cameron's government as charlatans and fakes. The hypocrisy is stunning!

I would also ask that you share this with as many people as you can, lets see if we can send this 'viral'.

I will try and keep writing and updating, still no one I know with the virus or who has died from the virus.

Thank you for your time and a tip for any fellow anarchists out there, if you're going out, leave the phone at home, that is how they will be able to track your movements.

Take care people and remember, believe nothing of what they tell you and only half of what you see. Now take a look and see what's down the rabbit hole - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WSv0phbYp0E&t=67s

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Tried the link just now and it's no longer available !!

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You can find it on the Corbett Report.com. Let me know if you get it. It's interesting viewing and will give you something to think about.

How are you managing with the 'lockdown'?  I can't believe how terrified people are. I was off work for a couple of days and when I came back in today, they said they were so glad to see me to calm them down and reassure them with my 'positivity'. That was a surprise! I was hoping they would send us home to come back in a few weeks but no chance, that's what I get for being part of the 'key workers'. But I have a couple of holidays to use up so I'm having a long weekend again this week.

Some more of my blog readers have been in touch to say that reading my stuff has helped them too and to not get stressed with all the fear-mongering.  Nothing to fear but fear itself...

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Scary stuff indeed !! I’m working from home at the minute, which is surprisingly busing. And the bosses know exactly when you are offline. So I’m sitting at my kitchen but being monitored at the same time !! They expect us to available all day or make the hours up. Listened to the podcast just now. Scary how powerful the puppet masters have become !! The free world disappeared within a few short days. I think it will come back this time but wouldn’t be so hopeful about the next time. We are getting to a stage whereby THEY can almost create/tweak a disease now - how contagious, how serious, target certain age groups, certain continents, how many million fatalities (give or take 10,000,000) Also the “cashless society” that has been talked about for decades pretty much happened overnight. It has been gradually happening over the past 30 years or so but now cash - which was fine 2 weeks ago – is now very much frowned upon (for the time being anyway.) What next? Once THEY eventually get shot of all cash will we all be dealing in credits? Watch Black Mirror Season 1 Ep 2 – Fifteen Million Credits on Netflix. Could be closer than we think. Charlie Brooker wrote that almost 10 years ago. I said 2 weeks ago that we were heading into “Handmaids Tale” territory and I was laughed at, but we are virtually there now. One way system in the local supermarket now. Just keep following the arrows ! Enjoying your blog – keep it going

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Glad you're enjoying it, I found out a couple of the other bloggers have been slagging me off and was starting to have second thoughts again. But then a few people have been in touch this week and have been very positive. At the end of the day, I write it for me not anyone else, and I'm not putting a gun to anyone's head, you can read it or ignore it. And, if you disagree, you are welcome to post your reasons, put forward your evidence and debate with me, but as the man says 'name-calling is the first refuge of the man with no case or argument'.