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Virus, wot virus? 2

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Edited by Aideen Devine, Wednesday, 29 Apr 2020, 08:09

Just a quick note on the last post, the question has to be asked as to why no one has actually isolated the virus yet.  Logic would dictate that it would be the first thing you do, so why has it not been done? Could it be that this is just a strain of flu that they already know about but can't admit to as it would wreck their campaign of fear and/or whatever the real political agenda is?

Now that the figures are starting to go down in the UK, I see they are rushing to get figures from care homes to boost the numbers but still won't carry out any sort of independent cross-population sampling to try and provide a balanced perspective on how widespread this is. One sampling carried out in Germany found a death rate of 0.02% which is considerably lower than the normal rate of death from flu which is usually about 0.1%.

There are serious questions to be asked on this but, unfortunately, I don't think we will ever get the answers or even get to ask the questions, the way things are going. There are issues with censorship on Youtube, Facebook and Google which is much more insidious. No dissent allowed to the 'narrative' of the mainstream and since Google have now taken over Youtube expect more of this. The thing is some of these people who are being shut down are doctors and scientists, people who actually know about viruses and medical treatments.  Where is the voice of reason, is fair and balanced reporting now a thing of the past?  I don't care what anyone says, even if it is wrong, I have a mind of my own and can think for myself and I don't need Facebook or Google to make that decision for me. The world has taken a dangerous turn in regard to freedom, dissent and truth and I dread to think where this is heading.

One other important issue to highlight is how this is going to impact on Africa. In spring, the farmers go out and spray the locust larvae in the fields to prevent large swarms forming and decimating their crops but because of the 'lockdown' the were not able to this year and they have already had 2 swarms; the first one was 20 times bigger than the largest ever seen and the second one was 200 times larger.   Africa is heading for a famine of Biblical proportions.  I don't particularly like to describe it like that because I do not want to imply that any of this is a punishment from 'God' or 'nature' or to give credence to that kind of thinking but it is an appropriate description for what may lie ahead for them.  I tried to find the presentation I watched about this yesterday from a Spanish doctor, just to double check my figures, but it has been removed. I did have them written down because he did warn that several of his videos on the subject had already been removed so they should be ok.

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SXR103 chemistry is fun (2008) :-)

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" no one has actually isolated the virus yet"

This is FALSE. The virus has been isolated and examined in detail.  I suggest that you search for peer reviewed scientific papers rather than rely on rumour and hearsay on YouTube etc.

Just the first relevant paper I found from February this year. There are more.


I refuse to do your work for you.  Do your own research and do it properly. 

STOP spreading lies and rumours! It makes you look a fool!


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It wasn't hearsay, it was from a doctor of medicine.


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The doctors report that I saw said that the virus wasn't isolated, (I also verified it elsewhere because I do not take one opinion or post as true without verification) what they had done was found genetic material in the fluid of the lungs with an RNA sequence and as I said in my previous post, this genetic fluid that they are calling covid 19 has the same markers as an Exosome.