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Bone tired

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Edited by Michael Gumbrell, Saturday, 18 Apr 2020, 01:28

A comment i heard recently about the pandemic lock down.

'Some people have no work to go too, some have all the work and can't go home.

I am the latter.

68 hours this week so far for me, i get to home for about 7 hours a day, shower,eat and sleep a little, then back to work again... by the end of the pandemic i think i with have to be surgically removed from my Ambulance.

And thank you to the couple who were on the M3 junction 7 footbridge last at 8pm, your home made sign and clapping were appreciated by my crew, as we went underneath you.

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Hello Michael,

I think people like you are doing amazing things and I was really pleased for you and other students who are so busy now, that emas and exams have been cancelled on many modules that finish during this period, so you do not need to defer and wait another year, considering what you are doing it would surely have been an insult to cause you to defer.

I don't normally comment on your blog because it is open to the world and I perfer to only comment on blogs only open to logged in users, however during this period I have wanted several times to say how grateful I am to you and your collegues and how pleased for you I am that you can finish your module this year.

Take care,

Frances smile