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In the last couple of weeks I have run x5 Google Meet sessions on using Screencastify as a means of delivering digital, online and remote learning. That has covered over 150 colleagues at Greater Brighton MET College. I have also done 4 sessions on the College TV Educational Licensing Platform Planet eStream - with another this week.

And I've been an attendee in 4 of these with several more this week.

Busy times indeed. And I have learnt so much by 'doing' rather than theorising.

I'll need to take some time out in the Summer to reflect on all of these. I ought to try and find the energy to right up things at the end of the day, if not at the end of the week This is a big ask. As it stands I keep a daily/weekly journal of what is going on ... in part so I also have a linear and chronological lay-out of what is going on for a point of reference. Otherwise I find with messages coming at me from multiple directions I risk getting lost. I do. I sometimes rely on people to remind me I was going to do a thing ... 

That is time and project management. 

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