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Urban vegetable growing

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Monday, 9 Oct 2023, 19:03

just been watching on the BBC app about creating urban farms on rooftops in cities.
I thought this sounds like a great idea. people would be able to rent their own plot and grow their own vegetables.
It has already started in Paris in France also in America it seems to be gaining popularity. However I was just just wondering about the air quality?
Growing vegetables would likely to be be affected by pollution.
It seems like a pretty good idea but surely pollution levels must be lowered first and air quality measured for it to be successful? Then higher quality vegetables can be produced. This will mean lowering pollution levels in towns and inner cities also introducing electric powered cars for lower emmisions into the atmosphere.

Peoples co-operatives could be organised by the residents  where they could sell or keep their home grown produce. A very good idea

A  BBC article reads,;

Way up above London's bustling streets, previously neglected rooftops are being converted into flourishing wild flower, fruit and vegetable gardens.

"There's nothing quite like looking at the view of the Gherkin through a trellis of green beans," says Kelly Peake, who lives in a flat in Tower Hamlets, east London.

Three blocks of shared ownership and housing association flats share the Silk Gardens Rooftop, which is a member of Capital Growth Network, a charity that encourages food growing in urban areas.

The gardens include wildflowers, roof top boxes, and trees and bushes from which the residents share fruit.

"It's very good for developing the community," says Ms Peake. "Families share the roof space and urban kids get to see where food comes from.

Report by Andy Dangerfield
BBC News, London
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