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Showing Compassion

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 18 Nov 2021, 00:08

Many dictionaries define compassion as; sympathy, pity or concern - all emotional responses. Compassion should also transcend emotion and translate into action.

1) It recognises the needs of others; Taking an interest in the concerns of others. Are they are poor? Elderly? disabled? Lacking? Excluded?

2) Relates to the needs of others; When you have been there you yourself you can understand and relate.
Pressure, illness, pain, poverty, grief, slander, discrimination, rejection

3) A response is needed; 

Taking an action. By listening and being a sympathetic ear,  or giving encouragement, a friendly word or deed, helping out, giving wise advice, giving a meal, making a donation. All these are actions we can take to show compassion.

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