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Masks and the Law

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I'm sharing this link to an article in The Critic, regarding the law and the present 'scam'. I read a post on Twitter this morning from a teacher who was up all night with 'nerves' because they are starting back to work today and have been told to wear a mask;they won't be. 

For the record, there is no law on the statute books of the UK that can force you to wear a mask, the Government might have said it is compulsory but they are chancing their arm because people do not know the difference between ministerial guidance, which is what it is, and law. 

When you are ordered to wear anything, be it a yellow star, a burka or a mask, against your will, then you are living under fascism. The only person who can make you wear a mask in the present situation is you - so you do not have to wear one, if you do not want to wear one. So, the question is, will you be complicit in your own enslavement?


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Judith McLean

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Interesting reading. I am convinced that we shall at some point be told that all ‘guidance’ we have been forced to follow has been unnecessary.



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Did you see the recent figures from the CDC in the US, they have reduced the deaths from cov19 alone to under 10,000, from 165,000 reported deaths, the rest all had other comorbidities. Everything that was done was unnecessary and it is good to see people are now realising it.