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A Poem about Covid19

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Edited by Gill Burrell, Thursday, 18 Nov 2021, 00:20

The Covid plague had struck our lands
We all wore masks
And washed our hands
We stayed indoors for weeks on end
We couldn't even meet our friends

We Had 2 stay 2 metres appart
From family,and friends depart
We all Stayed home
We watched TV
Played video games and dvds

Our hair grew long our beards too
Locked up indoors
like in the zoo
For exercise we were just let out
Only 30 minutes to walk about

At supermarkets we had to queue
The guards were there to count us through
Some things were limited to " just buy two"
As panic buying grew and grew

The news report spoke everyday
Of those who fell ill
And passed away
But we clapped each week for the NHS
Brave men and women
Who did their best

The government has said It's now ok
And that we can all come out to play
But I ponder every day
Has Covid 19 really gone away?

Take care !

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By Gill Burrell

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