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I'm pushing this is a 7 week digital literacy class for late adopters = any age will do, but I suspect they will be over 50s. I've worked with this age group, more like over 70s for the last 5 years. I'm offering it to my age group because so many of us are resisters and deniers. 

The above from a May 2019 post. oops, not citation.

Just thinking about this, as I walk the dog and shouldn't be thinking about anything, I find myself taking the classic bell curve of Everett Rogers (2005) Diffusion of Innovations. A book that so impressed me that I bought copies for people. Looking around my shelves it would appear I have given them all away. These days, having gone through a period of digital online - a multitude of Kindle publications unread, I know dig out second hand hardback copies and treat them with a little more respect. The brain is still analogue after all and a pile of books by the bed, balanced on top of each other on a shelf or even in the glove compartment of the car is better than having it on a device that will distract you many times an hour with appeals to do something else.

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