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How long does a teacher wait for an answer having asked the class a question?

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Edited by Jonathan Vernon, Friday, 20 Nov 2020, 21:57

Had I been attentive to the question I may have proffered an answer closer to the mark. In this instance  I  was taking note. I take copious notes. I will even record where I can. Few others do. I don't trust my memory.

After a scintillating delay in which the question was put several times, to the room and those online, everything from 3 seconds to 'something under a minute' is suggested. 

We are told that the average delay is 7 seconds.

We learn and are told that "Thinking takes time - that a considered response takes time".

We are told to use the silence, say nothing for 7 seconds and only then give them a nudge, offer a clue to the answer, but not the answer itself. 

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