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When in doubt - launch a new website. I have lost count of how many ideas I've expressed as a website domain and started up in Live Journal, Tumblr or WordPress. 'MindBursts.com' has been my go to for a decade - but has never had a commercial remit: it has been my 'mind dump' and is a blog even more than a life story and CV. Knowing that writing in a student blog like this has the hint of that 'permanent student' about it - never able to let go of his student days and ways, I have finally created the external version of this.

Reflections on E-Learning is now a .org domain.

Ideas, reviews, articles, reports, notes on talks, links to videos and so on will always begin life here. The intention is then to be more selective as the content is taken over to the external 'e-learning' site. 

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