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Is fun.

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In a weak moment, I was about to say 'Yes, wordplay is punny'*, but then I started wondering whether there's a word that distinguishes 'true' puns (i.e. those that use pure homonyms) from those that rely on a similarity of pronunciation, or maybe just even rhyming for their effect.

For example, there are the endless fish-based jokes that talk about 'the sole plaice I <extemporise on flounder, roe, fry, skate, pike etc>, but that's not the same as e.g.  'In Cod we trust'.

Any suggestions?

*OK, I said it anyway. Sorry.

Richard Walker

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This is a bit profound, sorry I didn’t respond sooner. Well I don’t know of such a word, but maybe it exists, or we could invent it. <scratches head>

One of my top favourites is “Many are cold, but few are frozen”. I did make that up, but as you may guess an internet search confirms many others beat me to it.

Richard Walker

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There is of course “The piece of cod, which passeth all understanding.”