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Lockdown Effects : Self Assessment

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Edited by Richard Walker, Tuesday, 5 Jan 2021, 23:50

Prompted by a YouTube post from Tim Spector of the ZOE Covid symptom study, I thought about how I have fared. In health terms, where have I improved, where have I done worse, and where have things stayed more or less the same?

Diet. +3: More fresh produce, more veg, more fibre, trending to less meat, especially red or cured. Ready meals right down.

Keeping in touch with family and friends. +2: In these times I’ve reached out a lot to others and they to me. So more contact, but not as good as meeting in person of course.

Exercise. -1: I’m restricted anyway in what I can do but it’s been notched down now.

Sleep pattern. -0.5: it’s always been erratic and lockdown has made it a little worse.

Alcohol. The same: a bit high but little change if any.

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