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There's a place in Co. Roscommon, Eire, called Scregg.

So I guess if a bunch of people from that town wandered about a bit, they'd be ambling screggs.

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Does it matter?

It does matter what we are doing

Sadly I’m not studying philosophy. I am going to study business and management.

I was struggling what to study. I bought all books related to philosophy, creative writing and psychology. I read nearly half of these books and I wrote essay  for each book I read. I fall in love with Scrouge and Jane Eir. But suddenly I scared I may can’t do it. So I have spent nights thinking. And in the end I applied for business and management. I love studying. I hope one day I can study all .

I am sorry if I disturbed the you . But I just want to say hi to the section I like.

Love philosophy. I cans discuss any subject. Ready to bids