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Now that the Biden puppet has been installed in the White House, we can see that all the reports and stories of ‘this is going to happen’ or ‘that is going to happen’ were just that, stories. We live in a world of fake news, misinformation, disinformation and outright lies, designed to keep us divided and confused, and making it more and more difficult to find out where the truth lies.  This is not a recent development, they have been doing it, and getting away with it, for decades.

Like the ‘climate change’ fraud, even science cannot be depended upon any more to provide the truth. While the media screams about climate change, the powers behind the media are stomping around the world starting wars to gain control of all the oil, ie: Libya and Iraq, and let’s keep our eyes on the continuing propaganda against Iran. If they were really concerned about the environment, why do they need to control the oil, are we not moving to a ‘greener’ world?

The corruption sadly, is endemic in most governments, corporations and main stream media, and means that we cannot rely on the news to report honestly, or provide us with the truth, or even gives us some context or perspective on it. Instead, the media fuels the fires of fraud and today’s news bears more resemblance to the ‘sad’ story of an X-Factor contestant, playing on the over-hyped emotions of the audience, than an objective reporting of local, national and world events, or real investigative journalism. Something, that has long since died a death in the mainstream.

We are being played, day and daily, and it’s not just the news, television advertising is a constant barrage of the poor, sick and desperate trying to guilt you into parting with your hard earned, to ‘charities’ that pay CEO salaries of £100K per annum. It’s not charity any more, it’s business.

Social media too, is anything but, it is another arm of the corrupt, designed to fuel division and, as I have said many times, while we are down here arguing amongst ourselves and distracted, whether it is over Brexit, BLM or masks, they are sitting back laughing and, usually, making a fortune at our expense.

The worst thing about it is that it is our own governments who are doing this to us. They are engaged in a propaganda war against their own citizens, at the behest of globalist corporations and bankers, to deceive, confuse and repress us. The deceit has been enabled through a web of worldwide corruption that is prepared to use blackmail, black ops, false flags, psyops, propaganda, threats and murder that fuel the interests of this global elite. Is there a government anywhere in the western world who could be trusted now? Our governments do not work for us and have not worked for, or represented our interests, for a long time, our ‘democracy’ is a lie.  As George Carlin remarked, ‘if voting made any difference, it would be illegal’.

However, it is too easy to just blame the government and the media. This last year has been eye-opening; watching people’s reactions to the ‘plandemic’ has been interesting, to say the least, and has revealed a lot about them and the kind of people they are.

The drama queens love it, it makes them feel alive, they get off on all the fear and hype, and just love to talk on the phone with friends about how terrible it all is, emoting at every possible opportunity, over all the ‘poor people who have died’. They can’t get enough of it, especially if they have a ‘vulnerable relative’ who they can be ‘very concerned’ about, self-righteously pontificating that they wear their mask, to ‘protect others’. But even better is if they have an underlying condition that could make them vulnerable too. They’ll have their friends ringing up all the time to check they are ok, because people like this always have friends like them, who love the drama of it all, and who would not miss an opportunity to virtue-signal to the crowd.  But the biggest thrill of all, is if they know someone who has ‘died of covid’, it doesn’t matter that they were 85 with dementia and several co-morbidities, only ‘covid’ counts. They wouldn’t miss the evening news for love or money (well…maybe for money…) feeding like parasitical statisticians on the numbers, for the ghoulish thrill of it all! WOOOOOHH!

Then there are those who are aware that it is all hype, but are playing it to suit themselves, those who can’t come in to work as they are afraid they might get the virus, and they have a ‘vulnerable relative’ or a ‘child with asthma’. The teaching profession is playing this one, big time, helped by the Unions who are using it to play party politics, and GP’s surgeries, who are offloading their work to the Emergency Departments. Each with their own agendas.

Then we have the hypochondriac’s - at last, all their dreams have come true! A deadly virus! A pandemic! They have Contagion on a loop on Netflix, to see what is going to happen next as they run to get tested for the tenth time in a fortnight, taking their temperature daily and googling their symptoms to see if any new ones have been added! Those with Munchausen’s Syndrome are also in this group. (Although, I seriously think the entire pharmaceutical industry and Bill Gates should be checked for Munchausen’s Syndrome by Proxy. Gates should also be psychologically assessed for a ‘Messiah’ complex too while they’re at it!)

Then there are the merchants of doom, for them it is the end of the world, everything is going to hell, whether it was predicted in the Bible, the Mayan calendar or by Nostradamus, it doesn’t matter, it’s all going to end soon! They are also big into the ‘climate’ crisis or anything that allows them to wallow in the misery of doom, gloom and disaster. Even when confronted with reality, they refuse to acknowledge it. I met one of these in the graveyard a few weeks ago. He struck up a conversation and asked if all the new graves were from covid. I said no, none of them were, as I knew most of them, (the advantages of small town living,) and the majority were just old age and cancer. But he launched into a whole ‘it’s a terrible time for the world, it feels like the end of day’s’ (he must have watched the Arnold Schwarzenegger movie the night before). I remarked that it was pretty bad in World War 2 and we came through that, but he couldn’t be convinced and went on with his doomsday scenarios. I made my excuses and left.

But what he demonstrated is that, like all these types, they like to wallow in their delusions, they prefer the lie and are not really interested in the truth, the truth is too boring, or doesn’t suit the agenda or their own narcissistic viewpoint. They want a truth that feeds into their delusion because to look for the real truth and challenge the narrative would take effort. And even if someone else is making that effort, they ignore it because to question one lie, may mean that they may have to start questioning everything, and that would be too much effort. It might mean standing up to the crowd or their own family, it might make them an outsider, or put them in the firing line for the insult of the moment ‘conspiracy theorist’. It might even mean standing alone, something the majority of people are too terrified to even contemplate doing. It’s much ‘easier’ to just agree with everyone and not even try to think or act for yourself.

I’m reading M Scott Peck’s, Further Along the Road Less Travelled, again, and in it he talks about evil. He goes back to the Genesis story where Adam and Eve eat from the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. As he points out, this story is about consciousness, about growing up and, in doing so, how we have to take personal responsibility for our choices. Becoming fully conscious is not an easy thing to do, it usually begins when we enter our teenage years, which is why teenagers can be difficult to deal with, because it is then that they start to question their parents, society and their values and belief systems. This can be especially difficult if they have parents who have never questioned anything and can cause conflict within the family.  Some, courageously, continue on that journey throughout life, whereas many others don’t and bend to the will and expectations of family and society – taking the easy way out, which is basically making the choice between growing up and remaining immature. Scott Peck talks about evil as ultimately being laziness. Adam and Eve were too lazy to engage with God, they made no effort to question or debate why they were not allowed to eat from the tree, which is what a grown up would have done, instead, they took the easy way out and that failure saw them driven out of paradise. 

I see that same laziness in so many around me, the failure to challenge the narrative of the government, the unswerving belief that they, and the BBC, would not lie.  It suits their egos and agendas.  These are the same people who, two years ago, were screaming ‘liar’ at Boris Johnston over Brexit, and now believe every false statement and piece of manipulated data he gives out.  And there is no excuse these days when practically everyone is walking about with internet access in their hand. But that would require an effort of will and it is easier to just bleat along with the crowd and virtue-signal in a public show than to make the effort to actually do some research.

With Joe Biden entering the White House last week, I had a bit of a crisis and considered shutting down the blog. I thought, ‘What’s the point?’ especially now when I can see how deep and widespread the web of deceit is, and how willing my fellow countrymen are to remain tangled in it. I can see that loss of faith online, as well, in the posts from friends on social media. I thought about the number one fan and found that, that too, was just another lie. Like many others, I lost faith and wondered who I could trust and went through a sort of ‘dark night of the soul’. It was not helped by the fact that my most beloved aunt has been lying in a hospital bed for last 6 weeks, after suffering a stroke, and is now in the last days of her life. I have not been able to see her. Her own children were not even allowed in, due to covid restrictions. Where has our compassion and humanity gone, that the dying are denied the comfort of having their family around them?

I look at what we have become in the space of a few months and I despair. I will never again wonder at how Nazi Germany happened, at how ordinary men and women took part in some of the most heinous acts against their fellow man. I have seen it unfold in front of me every day, not to those extremes, yet, but I have no doubt about how easily it could change, when I see calls for quarantine camps for those who refuse to be vaccinated, or for them to be refused medical treatment, work or entry into shops.  Egged on, as ever, with a daily diet of propaganda, spoon-fed to the masses by corrupt politicians, and a corrupt and complicit media.

However, I got over myself and decided to continue with the blog, it is important to me and there are quite a few people reading it every day. I’m still not sure why I bother maybe, I’m just ‘thran’ as they say here or maybe, I just want to annoy the self-righteous, I sure seem to piss them off a lot. But I have decided to put my faith in a higher power, whatever that is, trust myself and, it feels like the right thing to do. The search for truth was never more important than it is now and even if I get it wrong at times, or make a complete fool of myself, which seems to bother other’s around here more than it bothers me, at least, I will be able to look my granddaughters in the eye and say that ‘Yes, I stood up for freedom, I made the effort’. Will you?

If this insanity is to end, (if anal swabs and triple mask don’t start to wake you up, then you are beyond help) then it is up to us to end it, no-one is coming to save us, and if you keep ‘going along to get along’, then you are sleepwalking into a totalitarian technocracy and dragging the rest of us with you.  You can stick your head in the sand, keep feeding off the drama and fear, indulging your ego and narcissism, or you can make the effort; research, call out the lies, make a stand, if not for freedom, then, at least, for common sense and a proportional response. Scott Peck says that good mental health is ‘dedication to reality, at all costs’. It isn’t easy to do what you know is right, it may be painful, you may find you are alone, friends and members of your own family may turn against you. But, there are bigger issues here and the time is rapidly approaching when we may all need to grow up fast and start taking responsibility for what is going on. The future of humanity may depend on it and your children and grand-children may thank you someday, the choice is yours.

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Hey Aideen, i say this with all sincerity, for 1, i believe in you and your cause. 2, because i can actually feel your personal feelings and passion pushing in to frustration, as it is as clear as day to me that you care a whole heap  about how you see the world, its demise and how it will affect us all. Wow you barely stopped for breath haha. 

Please do not think i am patronising you or telling how to live your life, I'm not that guy. I would like to invite to the thought of staying objective and offering an invitation to people to think of an alternative. 

You know yourself Aideen, no one likes to be told about or judged for their beliefs, as soon as we do that, we loose our audience and i believe that what you have to say is well worth an audience, some times its not what we say, its how we say it. 


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PS Aideen, i like what you write, so for my sake at least, dont stop blogging.


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Thanks for the comments Casper, judgement is a difficult area, we believe we shouldn't judge based on the Christian saying 'Judge not, lest ye be judged'. But we do judge, we pass judgement on people all the time and often form opinions based on nothing more than appearance or culture.  But before we judge others, we have to judge ourselves, Jordan Peterson is very good on this one. And we can't always be objective, at some point we have to state a position and be prepared to defend that position.

I like to debate and I'm glad you engage in that way, it helps to open the subjects up and get different perspectives on it, then we can reach more authentic and balanced conclusions.


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I understand what you are saying, although i was speaking from a DBT (Dialectical Behaviour Therapy) point of view, DBT is a therapy that is offered to people who have been diagnosed with borderline personality disorder, it's called borderline because it boarders between a neurotic and psychotic disorder, or complex post traumatic stress disorder, as i was diagnosed with both in February of 2018.

Its a 6 month course which is done twice, so 12 months in total, it consists of a weekly 2 hour group therapy session, where work sheets are given out in order for us to complete at at home and then discuss the home work in group and a weekly 1 hour one to one therapy session, its pretty intense and quite a hard course to get on, only 18 people per year in the county of Warwickshire get to do it, in fact, the therapists that run the course have to attend the course their selves, before they can teach it.

DBT combines standard cognitive-behavioural techniques for emotion regulation and reality testing with concepts of distress tolerance, acceptance, and mindful awareness largely derived from contemplative meditative practice. DBT is based upon the biosocial model of mental illness and is the first therapy that has been experimentally demonstrated to be generally effective in treating BPD.

Because people with these diagnosis can sometimes struggle to regulate their emotions, have a very negative internal dialog matched with a very negative way in which we view ourselves, it places a large emphasis on judgements, opinions and facts, It teaches us the difference between judgments, opinions and facts,, in order  to help retrain that internal dialog, by knowing whether we are speaking from our emotional mind, rational mind or wise mind, for example, i might be feeling bad because i missed the deadline for a TMA and i say to my self, I'm such a looser, i always get things wrong, its then up to me to figure out whether thats a judgement, opinion or fact that has come from my wise mind, emotional mind or rational mind. And the conclusion will be that the statement i made was a judgement coming from my emotional mind,

The point i was making for staying objective, is that it keeps our personal opinions and feelings away from the facts of the subject we are discussing and detracts from the feeling of people feeling as though they are being targeted and attacked. Being objective means we are making statements of facts that are coming from our wise mind.

I hope that makes sense, it took me 12 months to learn the concept and its still work in progress for me, so i get it if it dont make sense to you.


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Apologies Casper for taking so long to respond but I wanted to be sure and give your post due consideration. I've heard good reports on DBT in the treatment of 'mental health'. One of my objections to calling things like BPD and other EUPD (Emotionally Unstable Personality Disorder), mental health problems is that most of these are emotional, as you mentioned previously on Emotion Intelligence, something many of us are lacking in. . 

In trying to remain objective when considering any issue, sometimes emotion cannot be discarded or separated from the issue. The trick is to not allow emotion to overrule or distort your view on it, allowing the tail to wag the dog, so to speak.

In health care, unfortunately, the medical model insists on separating the mind and the body when they are intricately linked, and many physical ailments have an emotional or traumatic root. The mind is not a physical entity, but the projection of our lives and experiences, which are not always positive and healthy and from there, we create a mental map of ourselves and our place in the universe, which in the case of people who have lived through profound traumas, especially in childhood, can often be wrong and harmful to themselves.

I have dealt with CPTSD myself and it was a battle and a half because the 'treatment's' offered were pretty useless, to be honest, so I devised by own recovery. Part of my process was to recognize the emotions and realise that they are echoes of past events and not what I was really feeling now. In recognizing and naming the emotion, I then just let it wash over me and wave it on. Another thing is to be aware of your triggers, things that remind you of the events and set off a response because every year those anniversary's come around and they do lessen over time. I would also advise you to grieve your losses, grieve for the things that you lost because of the trauma and again, that pain will lessen with time, even if it doesn't entirely disappear, at least it will get you to a point where it doesn't overwhelm you.

Also, be kind to yourself and put yourself in the way of beauty. Watching films or news that re-traumatise us is not a good idea when you are in recovery. There are so many good things in life that are not valued or appreciated but one of the things that I have taken from the traumas I have been through is an appreciation of the simpler things in life and the beauty of the planet, don't listen to anyone who says it is being destroyed. Doomsday merchants are merely reflecting the negativity of their own psychological beliefs., Good luck with your recovery, there will be a point when it will not hurt so much or be so upsetting, I never thought I would see that day but I did and am truly thankful for it.