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Another Geometric Puzzle

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Edited by Richard Walker, Thursday, 4 Mar 2021, 13:49

This is from the "Azimuth" website of John Carlos Baez, a mathematician and physics professor at the University of California. He found it at Brian McCartin, Mysteries of the equilateral triangle.

Here is a sketch of the problem. My solution to follow in the Comments on 4 March.

Incidentally John Baez is the cousin of Joan Baez, a progressive and a famous folksinger. Her father, John's uncle, was a con-inventor of the electron microscope.

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Hi Richard,

I really like Joan Baez she is a hman rights activist and one of my favourite folk singers.

Gill X

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Hi Richard,

I seem to remember reading once that it was Nicola Tesla who had the original idea of the electron microscope although he didn't actually invent it. From memory of reading this book - the title of which I can't recall - he seemed to have been a very unworldly  man and some of his ideas were exploited by people who recognised the profundity of these ideas. I'm not referring to any exploitation of his concept of the electron microscope. Being the discoverer of how to generate alternating current, the Edison Company benefitted greatly form employing him very soon after he went to live in America.

Extraordinary fertile mind.



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I've been a fan of Joan Baez since her early days but only learned about her cousin a few years back, I love his enthusiasm and clarity with Math and Physics.

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Tesla was a great scientist and engineer, whose contribution is increasingly becoming known, I think.


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Tesla was probably one the greatest thinking minds ever, the list of his inventions is endless, rechargeable battery packs that could run a house plus the invention of free electric to all, which was the driving force of his inventions

That's why america exploited him and in my mind played a massive part in his penniless pauper's style death. Edison was a business who ripped of Tesla at any opportunity he could, america take great credit for a lot of creations, simple because they can manufacture, you would be surprised how many people i have met, who believe america invented cars. 

Who do you think owns the patents for Tesla's inventions? What sickens me more, is that elon musk creates misconceptions, simply by calling his company Tesla, is earning a sickening amount of money, he alone has the money that it would take to house, feed and water all 7 billion of us, eradicate all disease within the 7 billion of us, eras woorld debt within the 7 billion, all because, all of Tesla's files mysteriously disappeared after his death at a hotel in new york, and now elon musk wants to release his parents in a bid to save the planet, what a joke. 

elon musk is in the same league as jeff bezos, the slime ball who owns amozon, leat help you grasp the concept of how rich these people are, the very same people that the general public are creating. right, An Oxfam report said this about jeff bezos (amozon) he earned  that much money between March and September 2020 that he could afford to give all 876,000 of his employees a $105,000 bonus and still be as wealthy as he was before the pandemic, which would still put at the top of the richest man in the world.

If we all new the total truth about what Tesla invented, it would blow our minds, instead the americans drip feed us his ideas in a bid to support capitalism. Tesla was a true genius, not in the same sense that people get labelled a genius nowadays, he was pure genius through and through, as i said, probably the most beneficial genius thinking minds to ever walk the planet, the thing is, capitalists can not make any money from free energy can they?

One of the biggest misconceptions is that people believe technology has come on leaps and bounds in the last 30 years, what people seem to forget, is that the greatest thinking minds of all times including scientist, mathematicians an philosophers, all lived centuries ago, eg people do not know how the pyramids were built, not even google, that in itself shows that we today can not think like those yesterday