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Edited by Richard Walker, Wednesday, 17 Mar 2021, 00:02

My cousin took this picture of a young male Great Bustard.

These birds are amongst the heaviest flying birds, possibly the heaviest. An adult male may be a metre tall, have a wing span of 2+ metres, and weigh in at up to about 20 kg.

The bird is classified as vulnerable; although it is widespread only about 40,000 survive. It lives on open grasslands and once had a British population, but was hunted to extinction in this country by the middle of the 19th century.

However the bird has been successfully reintroduced, from 2007 I believe, and there is now a breeding population of about 40. My cousin has been watching one of them and was able to get this shot, I presume of its offspring.

You can read more about the reintroduction programme here and here is an image from the same site.

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Hi Richard, What amazing photos of great Bustard's don't they look a bit like dinosaurs?

The little one in the nest looks cute. X


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Thanks for the links.

Richard Walker

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They actually areĀ dinosaurs, which is pretty amazing to think about.

Rich smile