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The Magic Pond

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A creative friend has created a magical garden-within-a-garden. We bought most of the plants, the pond liner and some of the materials, but we also scavenged a lot of cobbles and the wonderful Cornish limestone slabs you can see. We currently have a drought locally, so the pond is not filled yet.

This miniature pond is designed to be soothing to the eye and spirit, but also to act a wildlife sanctuary for a variett of small animals, We had hardly finished when this young hedgesparrow came really close to us. LIke robins they follow the gardener.

At night the area appears magical.

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Hi Richard,

Ah love your pond!

I am sure you will spend many happy times there once it is finished.

Looking forward to spending more time outdoors in the garden when the weather improves!


Barbara Clough

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The garden is delightful, and even better that you used found objects when you could. And eventually the rains will come - it was unexpectedly sunny here today but tomorrow....well. It could snow. Thanks for sharing this.

Alison Hammer

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That’s beautiful. It looks like a lovely oasis of peace. Especially love the detail of the Cornish Limestone.