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Just a point  to think about on vaccines. Every bite of processed food we buy comes with a label detailing the contents, additives/colourants etc, and the quantity for each. It also has nutrition information on carbohydrate/fat/sugar content as well.  

Medicines go through a process of double-blind testing with control groups, and when you buy or are prescribed medicine, there is a leaflet detailing the contents and a list of possible contra-indications and side effects. If you have an adverse reaction to a medicine you can seek compensation from the manufacturer.

Vaccines are not tested with double-blind control groups. Neither are you given a list of the contents, possible contra-indications or side effects. And if something goes wrong, the manufacturer has no liability to compensate you. Our taxes pay for their errors through the government.


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Q What is this:


A It's a package leaflet with information about a Covid vaccine: What COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen is and what it is used for, What you need to know before you are given COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen, How COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen is given, Possible side effects, How to store COVID-19 Vaccine Janssen, Contents of the pack and other information

Q what's this:


A The results of a double-blind RCT for a Covid vaccine. All the vaccines approved for use in the UK have been through phase 3 trials successfully.

Q Who compensates you if something goes wrong as a result of food you eat?

A Nobody, unless the labelling didn't meet the regulations. So if you didn't know you're allergic, the company doesn't have to pay.