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Deadly Virus

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If there was a deadly virus in the air, where would it be? 

Now think about this logically - it would be everywhere, on the ground, on every building, on every tree, plant and animal, on our hair, clothes and shoes, on every car, bus, train and lorry, and every bird and insect flying in the air. And that deadly virus would also be on your face and mask, the one you keep putting on and taking off, and touching all the time, mixing nicely with all the bacteria from your hands and mouth.

This is what you need to wear when you are in the vicinity of a deadly virus - a full hazmat suit and separate oxygen supply, not a piece of rag across your mouth that you made from an old t-shirt, or 3 for a pound from Poundland. Wake up people, look beyond the fear and see reality.

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Judith McLean

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I wish people would wake up to what is going on. 

It’s okay to head off to a football match where there are thousands of others but heck don’t go on holiday  Heaven forbid your on a plane with a few others 

Stay at home and don’t mix with a load of others but hey ho we as the government and other foreign heads of government along with some of the Royals can mix with each and enjoy a few drinks at the Eden Project 

Put the fear of god into the British public then do what the h#*l they like. 

I for one am sick to death of the whole lot of it

Sorry for the rant 🙀



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You're fine Judith, I am sick of it too, all common sense and logic has been thrown out the window. But even when they parade right in front of our eyes, no masks, no social-distancing or testing if you're attending Wimbledon, Ascot, the G7, the Euros, or shagging your work colleague, and it's one law for them and another for us, people still go along with their nonsensical rules. I don't know what it would take to wake people up.

Someone also made a good point recently and showed a picture of Prince William and George at the England match, if there was really a deadly pandemic or virus going round, would they let the 2 heirs to the throne attend a match with 50,000 supporters?

Insanity rules!