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Is There a Right Way to Act Blind?

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Edited by Richard Walker, Saturday, 3 July 2021, 02:48
I found this thought-provoking article in the NY Times. Because I have a visual impairment it resonated with me. Not sure if you will be able to access it, because there is a (low) paywall, but most likely you will be able to enter as a guest.

My favourite quote from the article:

In the first episode, someone cheerfully asks Murphy [character] “Why don’t you look blind?” This is something Bernson [actor], and many blind people, get all the time. In real life, Bernson usually keeps her mouth shut, but she delights in the snarky comebacks that Murphy gets to make onscreen. With her mouth full of food, she snarls at the woman: “Same reason you probably don’t look stupid.”

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