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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Friday, 24 Dec 2021, 22:03

Still studying and learning about computing, just completed and passed a Java module with the Open University. I guess realistically getting a job in computing is my best chance of earning an income, but painting will always be my first love.


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Hi Richie,

Well done on passing your Java module. Your paintings are very good.



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Thanks (-:

visiting this third, after Red Alert and Sea Nimitta

Hi Richie,

Yes, well done with the Java course - I'm wondering whether you used it to produce your own site, if you did, then you used it well, the simplicity and clarity.

Love the image of the Corvid, we had an injured one in first lockdown that stayed for just over a month in our Rowan/ mountain ash and came down to feed several times a day, using an improvised 'step technique' down various shrubbery.

We were delighted the evening it could fly off, though its been back fairly regularly and it obviously didn't arrive initially from far away.

Reading 'About the artist', I smile about comments I made under Sea Nimitta. With Mother Tree, I see the style, and as Red Alert, the narrative is strongly present. I did a short period at art night school way back in 1983, but I considered myself lacking in technique - because I couldn't reproduce sufficient realism. Having read a little about you, I can see precisely why that is definitely not what you are aiming for.

I see your style as spanning the gulf between consciousness and the unconscious, giving you something of a USP. This also brings me back to Jung. You seem to be achieving 'individuation'. 👌 The Scots are a creative bunch anyway, some of my favourite bands have been Scottish - Skids, Big Country, Simple Minds et al.

I know Glencoe, but we've never been to any of the islands (I've been over much of the mainland and steamed past Orkney and Shetland on our way to Bergen). It must be beautiful to live up there in the West, anyway.

All the best with your studies and career,