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Sea Nimitta

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Sometimes when meditating and one becomes still enough, a nimitta will appear. Nimitta is a Pali word that means: sign. A sign you are getting into a deeper state of concentration/samhadi and close to absorption. The nimitta is a mind generated phenomena, and varies in appearance and behaviour depending on what is being used for a meditation object . It can involve any of the senses, but for me mostly appears as a visual or tactile sensation. Once the nimitta is clear and strong enough it can then be used as a meditation object itself, which can then take one into even deeper states of stillness. There is often an otherworldly feeling that accompanies a nimitta and they can be very weird but in a good way, and certainly nothing to be afraid of. These deeper states of stillness feel very freeing and healing and one can encounter what is known as original mind which is beautiful beyond description.

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Carl Jung (1875-1961), a one-time associate with Sigmund Freud, Alfred Adler, et al, was 'into nimittas', I understand. I have undertaken very little reading on Jung's work, but I suspect that this may be linked with his theory of the collective unconscious.

This is currently of interest to me, because of a discussion I was having only yesterday, though about consciousness...with Daniel Best (his original post of 30 July 2021, refers).

I have been into art since being quite young, but the more abstract it gets, the less interested I become, rightly or wrongly. This image however, is aesthetic. Something calming about it, with a symmetry...the colours are pleasant (and indicative of the other image 'Red Alert' i.e. a style).

In any event, the sea is important...

Best wishes,


Addendum - upon about the third viewing

To add to what I said the other day, when I returned to the image, I saw the three dimensional aspect of it - it is the 'nucleus' in the centre and the way both the 'marks' and the colours are arranged. Sublimation and depth psychology both at work. A joint venture of conscious with unconscious.

What I like about both images is that, especially 'Red Alert', there is a 'narrative' implicit (explicit also, with that piece) in the work. There is a 'narrative' with 'Sea Nimitta' too, inner peace from the natural sea - from which we all (probably) emerged (in time) - and the sodium in our bodies that helps to action those neurons...

An artist in tune...

Thanks for posting it. Visual images are a nice break too (especially from my writing!)



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Aw thanks for the encouragement (-:  I didn't know Carl Jung was into nimittas, will have to read about that when I get chance.


- R