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On Wednesday four of us took an excursion on the River Medway (more to come on this). Just before we left Maidenhead I spotted this swan squaring up to its own image in a car door.  I have a crow living in my garden that pecks its own reflection in the window of the back bedroom, the same thing I suppose.

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Impromptu and an excellent photo

It also offers a wide potential narrative.

Reminds me also of a visit, not that many years ago, to the Stanley Spencer museum in Cookham, also in the same county as the beautiful swan in your picture. One of his works featured, may have been called, 'swan upping', or perhaps, 'swan upping on the Thames', I recall.

Intelligence in other species, is widely underrated, in my view.

Well done Richard, best wishes,


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Thanks Jeremy 

Yes swan upping, on the Medway near Maidstone the Mayor of that town has to get the local swans upped.

R. smile