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A wish for all beings

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Edited by Richie Cuthbertson, Thursday, 20 Jan 2022, 21:17

There is a place on the edge of consciousness where angels fly, where devas meditate and dance.
 Where my feet make complex interweaving patterns on the floor.
The ground and colourful shapes pulsing with each footstep like a graffiti beat on the street.
Within my heart is a luminous orb, with many swirling  moving rings circling it, going round and round,
each one containing a neverending chain of orbs, like fractals.
I imagine those swirling rings expanding  beyond my body,
swirling off in all directions,
through all dimensions and time and space,
with the wish that all beings be free, happy and peaceful.

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Hi Richie,

I like your picture,  because I can see lots of different interesting images within it. The colours too are lovely and bright.



Thanks Gill

I am glad to hear you like my paintings. Although I think suddenly I seem to have hit painter's block, and can't seem to paint anymore, very odd how it comes and goes.

Cheers for the comment, I really appreciate your encouragement (-: