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Edited by Richard Walker, Tuesday, 28 Sep 2021, 01:30

Each week I buy the ingredients for a meal that I cook and share with a friend, although I’m not very agile nowadays so they have to assist quite a bit. 

Anyway. Today I tried pork escalopes with grilled vegetables. No carbs cos friend is on a Keto diet, which is not far off what would be recommended for people on type 2 diabetes, so I think it’s ok health wise and does seem to work. I’ve snuck in carbs myself but still lost a bit by association.

Next up will be a marinara chicken breast recipe, with different grilled vegetables, mushrooms, sweet potato this time and maybe peppers.

What’s with marinara? It’s the sauce mariners cook up, think of carbonara cooked up by charcoal burners.

I’ll report next week on a) recipe and method b) success in scale 1-5


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