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Average Age of People in UK?

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No clues and pleeeeze don’t just Google. Think about it and put a guesstimate in the comments.

By average is meant the median; half the people below, half above.

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Judith McLean

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Im going to go with 48 only because your blog was posted at 01.48 - no logic there 😂


Patrick Blackwill

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This is really interesting to puzzle on and got me thinking about "continuous renewal processes" (covered in M343). Where we imagine a complex setup with lots of identical components (people here!).

One result is that whatever the lifetime distribution of the components, the mean residual lifetime of a component in use when the observer arrives is half the mean total lifetime of the component.

Life expectancy at birth is around 78. So probably a misapplication, but I'd say 78 / 2 = 39 years. (That's a mean, not median)

Richard Walker

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The median is 40.2, a bit lower than I expected. It’s only 45.9 in Japan. But in Niger it is 15.0. See


Richard Walker

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I’ve done a few calculations for a BOC I co-wrote and I used the principle Patrick mentioned.