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Large yellow flower

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Barbara Clough

Inserting images

HI Gill - can you tell me how you place the picture in there so it shows up full size? Every time I try to do it, just the link shows up. I'm clearly missing a step somewhere. 

And that is such a beautiful image. I bought fresh flowers to brighten my apartment on the long November nights and I have three amazing lemon lilies in full bloom!

New comment

Hi Barbara,

I am doing it all on my mobile phone, so I don't know if it is the same on a laptop or computer.

I went in the box where you usually put the messages, above this is a link to images so I clicked on it and  this brings you to a box that asks you a series of questions. From there I clicked ' 'browse repositeries'' another box came up and I clicked 'choose file' and the file has all my photos on., then I just picked the photo I wanted. You have to have a photo of less than 500KB or no more(don't know if it is same on computer/laptop) or it doesn't seem to go on, then i clicked 'upload  file'  then  you have to describe it in a box what the image is.Lastly I clicked 'save file' and hopefully it should go on. It took me a few attempts to get it right!  Hope this helps.